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Sunday, 21 July 2019

Zambians protest government corruption

*Zambians donned in yellow, waving yellow posters, are denouncing the corruption that is plaguing their country. During a rally in Lusaka, the capital on Saturday, several hundred people demanded that the living conditions of the population be improved. *
They demanded that the government use public funds for the poorest so that to provide better schools and health care.and to ensure ministers do not end up with so many houses or individual executives with so much money. This money, if we managed it better, our whole lives would be better. So we are all citizens wondering if it is possible to improve our lives at all levels. ‘’
The demonstrators say that they are giving the government a yellow card as a warning.
“This is a warning that they should address these issues before it is too late. They are destroying our generation. Where will we be, where will our children be if they will only benefit public servants, where will I benefit? I’m so angry, so angry that I can’t stop myself. Government wherever you are, take this opportunity to listen to us Zambians.”
Edgar Lungu, the Zambian president, is accused of authoritarian rule. In January 2018, his finance minister resigned, protesting growing corruption in the government.

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